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Dewey B. Larson

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Dewey B. Larson (1898-1990) was an American engineer and the originator of the Reciprocal System of physical theory (or Reciprocal System for short), a comprehensive theoretical framework claimed to be capable of explaining all physical phenomena from subatomic particles to galactic clusters. In this general physical theory space and time are simply the two reciprocal aspects of the sole constituent of the universe – motion.

The philosopher Samuel Alexander asked the question "How far a science of order could be founded on this bare conception of ordered parts of Space-Time I do not know. ..." but Larson was inspired to make it his life's major work to attempt to find out. Whether Larson's work is metaphysics itself like Alexander's, science or pseudoscience, is debatable. His theory has no mainstream following and is largely ignored by practicing scientists who are aware of it.

Larson also wrote on economic policy and theory.

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